Working with the Methodify team we conceived and executed on many projects including marketing stunts, event strategy, creative execution and trade show booth design.

Created a series of videos to explain and promote the Methodify platform.


Methodify’s parent company Delvinia has a tradition of creating fun (and silly) holiday videos to recap their year for their staff and friends of the company. In 2018 we conceived the video idea, wrote the script, shot, edited and produced the video.


Methodify Coaster Case Study

Getting attention at conferences is something we are experts at. As a way to promote a case study with ABInbev and Methodify we created Beer Coasters for people to see while they are drinking in the conference hotel bar.

coasters small.png

Four Old White Guys Agency

The Methodify platform allows brands to test their creative and get real feedback from real customers in hours not days. As a way to show the importance of this we created a fake ad agency that was responsible for some really bad ads. We released these ads to the world and measured the public response. To our surprise the ads were not universally disliked (and one of the companies got orders) and we used this proof to showcase why all brands should be testing everything because you really can’t predict how people will interpret your work.