If They Were My Client

Have you ever looked at a company and thought "I would love to work with them".

We all have and that is the idea behind IFTHEYWEREMYCLIENT.COM 

On a semi regular basis you will find new work for brands we love, like or just think deserve a little attention. 

Coachella Brewing Company - "lost and found" (by Saul Colt and Bill Green from Flurry)

People can lose their way many ways. Some face their problems in real time and some and some go looking for something different. This quick campaign is all around getting lost and finding yourself in the desert. The Coachella Valley Brewing Company is a brewery in the Joshua Tree area of California. They are local and the choice of the area. People in the desert are different and so should a campaign for its brewery. The themes for the creative are simple. The people, the area and a little music festival. If you know the folks at The Coachella Valley Brewing Company and think this is cool have them drop us a note. If you like this quick campaign and would like to talk about something for yourself please reach out.

Below are three examples of how we used those themes as well as "lost and found" for an amazing brand that deserves more attention.