We've enjoyed a decade long relationship with FreshBooks and are very proud of our association with them. In this time we have build programs, events, build communities and executed a lot of marketing stunts. Below are a few recent things we've done.

The FreshBooks Customer Parade at Collision Conference

At the 2017 Collision Conf our goal was to make an impression that cut through the noise while at the same time bring a little bit of New Orleans into the convention centre for all the attendees that couldn't leave their booths etc. This is what we came up with.



#iMakeAliving event powered by FreshBooks

#iMakeAliving is a monthly event powered by FreshBooks where we discuss honestly and openly how people make a living as the employment world keeps changing. Working with the FreshBooks team we conceived the idea and mission of the event, planned it, launched and executed this event throughout North America. Execution included promotion, providing all speakers as well as all producing all video content from the events

I Make a Living.png

#iMakeAliving powered by Freshbooks - Los Angeles Sizzle Reel


The world famous FreshBooks Banana Stand

Instead of investing in a very expensive trade show booth for a financial services conference we deigned a replica of the “Arrested Development” Bluth Banana Stand and gave out over 2000 bananas with a unique url sticker sending people to a landing page to learn more about FreshBooks.